Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dresser Remodel!

What else would you do on a Tuesday when your parents are in town?  Make Dad help you refinish a dresser :)  Dylan and I are moving across country soon so I stopped working until the big move next month to really enjoy CA before we leave this beautiful state!  In my downtime I've been planning some mini-makeovers to our house!  I figured why not start with our old dresser?

Here is the before picture:

Our neighbors moved and left this beauty behind!  All it needed was a little TLC :)  Dad and I sanded down the many layers of varnish and wood stain that had been put on it over the years.  Then we proceeded with 4 layers of Glidden's Vintage Yellow paint.

And the result!
And here it is in our bedroom:

I absolutely love it!!!

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