Hairstyle Tutorials

Happy Wednesday "Hump" Day all :)  Today I decided to do a quick hair tutorial just to get my feet wet.  Here goes!!

 This is an easy braided updo that I do a lot for work, a night out, etc. 

1. Start with straight or wavy hair and do a slight side part

2.  Take a small piece of hair from the front.  This will be the start of your French Braid

3. Begin French Braiding  
4. Continue French Braid until you reach your ear

5.  Continue with a regular braid and fasten with a clear hair tie

6.  Take a small section of your hair from your ear to your part

7.  Twist and fasten with bobby pins
8.  Begin to twist along your hair line from your ear to the left side of your neck.  Fasten with pins.

Another view (Sorry for the sloppy bobby pin placement!)
9.  Braid the hair on the same side as your french braid into a side pony tail.
10.  Pin the braid into a side bun with bobby pins and add a flower or bow if you would like!

Here is a side view from the right
And from the left

 Thank you all for reading!  I hope you found this tutorial helpful :)


  1. Love it! You're adorable : ) Can't wait to try it! I had no idea you had this blog! Kimmie H :)

    1. Aw thanks Kimmie!! I actually just started it yesterday lol! I figured when we're living in Virginia I will have lots of time to craft and blog so I wanted to get a head start ;)