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I love headbands :)  Here is a tutorial & Crochet pattern for one of my favs!

* 2 colors of Yarn
* Thin ribbon
* Crochet hook (I used a 3.75 mm hook for this project)
* Scissors
* Large sewing needle


* Chain 4.  Join to make a magic ring with a sl st.
* Round 1 - Chain 2.  12 Dc in ring. (13 Dc)  Join with sl st
* Round 2 - Chain 3.  2 Dc in each Dc around (26 Dc) Join with sl st

* Round 3 - Chain 4.  Skip 2 Dc and Sc in next Dc.  Continue around   until you reach the first chain 4.  
* Round 4 - Sl st into Chain 4 loop (see picture below).  6 Dc in Chain 4 space.  Sc in next sc space.  Sl st into next chain 4.  Repeat 8 more times.
Your flower should now look like this:


* Chain 80
* Sc starting in 2nd chain from hook and continue sc in each chain stitch until the end.
* Finish off and it should look something like this:
Cut 2 pieces of thin ribbon about a foot long each:

Add the ribbon to each side of the headband:

Next - Attach the flower to the headband using the large sewing needle:

 And that's it! Enjoy! :)

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