Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A little intro...

Hello fellow bloggers!  My first post - how exciting!  I have never before "blogged" so I am still getting used to this.  A quick introduction.  My husband, Dylan, is a Lieutenant in the Navy and we are currently stationed in Monterey, CA.  We live in the CUTEST town in the world, Carmel-by-the-sea, CA.  We found out yesterday that we will be relocating to good-ole' Dahlgren, VA in July...  I spend my days working in Restaurant Management at a beautiful hotel in Monterey. My down time (and favorite parts of my day!) during the week is spent sitting on the couch with my husband and our puppy, Bruin, crafting while watching sports (mostly hockey and baseball). My friends are always asking me two things: "How did you make that??" or "How did you do your hair??"..sooo I figured I would start a blog with tutorials on crafting and hair design.  When we move to Virginia I should have PLENTY of time on my hands... <3

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